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A Real Life Amazon Lady

The stats may sound unbelievable but they are all accurate. A competitive body builder Towering over you at six foot eight in heels The Empress Amazon is a real life amazonian Lady.

It’s a rare opportunity to serve such a Lady and The Empress Amazon really loves to show you just how big and how very very strong she is!. Living in the Netherlands and competing on the female body building circuit with many accolades . The Empress Amazon is currently touring and may well be visiting a city near you! If you wish to make your Amazon fantasies a reality The Empress has the skill and of course the stats to make your dreams come true. Very few Ladies have such qualities maybe only Goddess Severa so it really is a chance in a lifetime. Apart from being 6’1 with 27 inch thighs, 15.5 inch biceps and weighing 200 lbs The Empress is also very beautiful and intelligent.

The Tour

The Empress does not tour very often and as you can imagine availability is very limited. Competitive or semi-competitive sessions are not available but fantasy wrestling, muscle worship, posing, wrestling holds/scissoring, foot and boot worship, spanking, ball-busting, domination and of course over-powering males are all available in session. Deposits may be required for bookings and information contact the Empress via e mail –


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Madam Mysteria who is based in Prague Czech Republic, and conducts sessions from the her own dungeon. A once circus aerialist, and bench press specialist winning the European Championship and being second in the world in 2002! which is why understandably Madam Mysteria has no problem overpowering you and making you submit to her superior strength with ease!. Madam Mysteria is a Lady who truly enjoys showing off her power, capable of lifting and carrying you in nine different ways! delivering hard punches to the belly or challenging you to a one-sided boxing match! Madam Mysteria will Dominate you in many many ways!! even allowing you to worship her magnificent muscles….


Not only adept in wrestling and overpowerment, Madam Mysteria is a very skilled Mistress who also offers the following session scenarios –

  • CBT

Tour Dates…

Madam Mysteria travels frequently each year and is currently in Florence Italy before moving on the following cities –  

Italy – Roma 18th February

Greece – Athens 20th February – 1st March

Germany – Frankfurt 2nd March

England – Manchester 3rd March

England – Leeds 4th – 6th March

England – London 7th – 8th March

France – Paris 11th – 13th April


To make an appointment, please contact Madam Mysteria by e-mail –  for more photos and videos please visit –



Manchester’s most elusive Mistress – Mistress Arabella has made a return to The Manchester Dungeon. A once top Domina at the Manchester chambers Mistress Arabella has quite a reputation, a relentless Mistress who revels in her serfs suffering! and was/is considered to be the most skilled and genuine Domina to have passed through he doors of  The Manchester Dungeon. Well- known for her cruelty and beauty Mistress Arabella is already finding  her diary to be fully booked on her return to the chambers. A favorite of the former Dungeon keeper “Ian” who was known to enjoy sessioning with Mistress Arabella especial her skill with the cane, The Manchester Dungeon which is now operated by Julia Pink who has welcomed her back to offer sessions one day per week possibly more with further notice.

For those who have been into the scene for some  time will be familiar with Mistress Arabella, maybe you sessioned with her and possible and unfortunately you may have been dissuaded to visit these chambers  by the bad press surrounding the operation of  The Manchester Dungeon by the former owner Ian, who since retired to Thailand. Now these chambers have gained respect since the take over by Mistress Julia Pink who has been proprietress for almost ten years, who has nurtured some well respected Mistresses who are still sessioning today. Although no longer in the scene, Mistress Arabella’s sister –  Mitress Jadee proved to be very popular during her spell at the Dungeon, and like her sister had a reputation to be quite an uncompromising Mistress, who moved on to operate her own chambers and then to retire from sessioning after a short time. The World of Kink apologizes for the lack of quality in Mistress Arabella’s photo, as she is an elusive Lady at the present time this is the only photo available! although a website is due to follow shortly…  for further information visit –

Mistress Jenna


Manchester has/had a reputation of being home to some of the UK’s most sought after and accomplished Mistresses. An outstanding beauty Mistress Jenna stands out from the huge croud of Domina’s out there! Its of no surprise Mistress Jenna is  also an accomplished model.

Trained by Princess Lucina, a very experienced Mistress with a wealth of  knowledge who has trained this Lady well.  Mistress Jenna is a natural Dominant who uses her exsquiste goods looks to tease and torment you into submision, its very easy to fall under her spell!. Sessioning from Princess Lucina’s chambers, Mistress Jenna has a huge array of equipment at her disposal, able to accomodate the advance as well as the novice player. You can find more information and photos on Mistress Jennas website –

I am Mistress Jenna, and this is My dark world of pleasure & pain.

I am very versatile – strict yet sweet… 

controlling yet liberating… 
at ease in a wide variety of fantasy roles. I am intelligent and intuitive. Intrigue and intoxication will overwhelm you. But don’t become too comfortable! 
I love to Dominate, humilate, tempt then deny. Get in touch if you dare, I can handle it. The question is…. can you?

Mistress Jenna enjoys and offers the following types of Domination and role-play –

 – Role-Play – Spanking – Flogging – Whipping – CBT – Nipple Torture – Anal Play – Human Astray – Human Pet Training – Boot Worship – Strap-On Play – Foot Worship – TV Transformation – Needleplay – Humiliation – Forced Feminisation – Sissy Training – Bondage – Body Worship (not intimate) – Medical Play – Financial Domination.

 A Review

I knew when I first saw Mistress Jennas website I needed to visit this Goddess, I was awestruck by her beauty, intrigued by her words, at last my search for a Mistress had come to an end…..
I’ve been into the scene for a long time and sessioned with many, I’m a total submissive and quite a masochist. Mistress Jenna just made me want to give myself totally to her, submit to her every whim without question something I’ve never felt about a Mistress before. As soon as I knew I had a day available I plucked up the courage to call….. my heart was literally beating out of my chest, although Mistress Jenna was very friendly over the phone I nervously and with excitement booked my first session.
The five days until my session seemed to take an eternity! the sheer excitement and apprehension was almost intolerable, it was painfully hard to concentrate at work, I really was counting down the hours….
Finally the day arrived to make my 4 hour journey. Previously I had e-mailed Mistress Jenna with a brief outline of my likes and type of play, not a script I just knew my nerves would get the better of me, making me tongue tied and unable to get across my fetishes and desires once in Mistresses presence.  

I was welcomed like an old friend with a beautiful smile and hug, I kissed her hand nervously to show my respect. After a brief chat as most of my interests was in my mail I was led into the dungeon, a roomy basement well thought out with a lot of equipment. I was placed position and asked to remove my shoes and jumper but nothing else and to wait for Mistresses to return, then the session was to begin……

The anticipation was immense! Mistress Jenna returned through the door I was facing, watching her walk towards me was an amazing vision the excitement of not knowing what was about to happen was very erotic for me.
As expressed in my e-mail tease and torture something I enjoy immensely, Mistresses closeness to me while she began to strip my clothes excited me, I was transfixed by her beauty….
only to be made to avert my eyes was just cruel 🙂 I felt vulnerable.
Once stripped slowly I was ordered to the wall where my wrists were manacled above my head, Mistress began to flog me, sensuously to begin with building up to harder strokes and more vicious implements. Alternating between strokes Mistress would run her hands down my back which made me tremble with pleasure! and getting between me and the wall, placing her hands on my shoulders then thrusting her powerful knees hard into my balls……
I could really feel the heat in my body from the flogging, I was released and moved to a St Andrews type cross and restrained once again…. but this time I was able to face my Goddess 🙂 
I was told to open my mouth, Mistress spat into it, this was more an honour to taste this beautiful Lady’s spit than for me to be humiliated by it. My excitement was evident, and Mistress took great pleasure torturing
my cock and balls with her sharp nails and strong grip.I was physically shaking with pain and pleasure as I was subjected to further knees, kicks and slaps to my balls, vicious face slaps, nipple torture, but the worst of all was being made to look at the floor.
Mistress Jenna seemed to really enjoy the CBT and after a while released me….. I was put in a strangle hold from behind, she is very strong! but at this point I had given myself totally she really could do anything to me.
I was ordered on all fours…. facing away, I had a feeling what was about to happen. Hard kicks to my already sore balls followed, her strength really surprised and excited me…. her kicks really forced me further to the floor making it hard to catch my breath to thank her. I did not have a safe word as I feel i’m still in control that way, this was quite a test! Mistress would slowly count and at the same time swinging her leg back and fourth calculating her aim… one…….. two……. THWACK! I was a crumpled heap at times, but there really was no escape! you could tell Mistress was enjoying my suffering Once Mistress felt I had suffered enough for her I was told I was to receive my rewards!!!! WOW!! what would it be??? I felt so lucky. Mistress sat upon her throne and beckoned me to her, I scurried as quickly as I could and knelt before her, I was transfixed by her beauty I just wanted to please her any way I could…..
I have a huge boot fetish and to be allowed to worship these powerful and sexy boots was a dream, I eagerly worshipped them as instructed, covering every inch with my tongue and lips…. I looked up to see Mistress watching my every move, she spat on her boot and ordered me to clean it up! I could not of been more eager to do as I was told 🙂
I called to confirm my appointment as requested, then I realised its really going to happen!!
I arrived at Mistresses chambers, a quiet part of Manchester easy to find. I was greeted at the door by Princess Lucina who was very welcoming and friendly, we chatted a little while until Mistress Jenna was ready.
Mistress Jenna entered the room, WOW! what a beautiful Lady and every inch the Dominatrix in her black catsuit and super high heeled boots! a cliche I know but very very true she really is more stunning in person!!
difficult to believe I know but believe me its true.  The rewards are worth all the pain you receive for pleasing your Mistress, a session with this Goddess is beyond your wildest dreams! you really will not be disappointed! in any way, Mistress Jenna truly understands the submissive mindset.
I feel I found home, and cannot wait to serve her again… and again… and again….