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A Real Life Amazon Lady

The stats may sound unbelievable but they are all accurate. A competitive body builder Towering over you at six foot eight in heels The Empress Amazon is a real life amazonian Lady.

It’s a rare opportunity to serve such a Lady and The Empress Amazon really loves to show you just how big and how very very strong she is!. Living in the Netherlands and competing on the female body building circuit with many accolades . The Empress Amazon is currently touring and may well be visiting a city near you! If you wish to make your Amazon fantasies a reality The Empress has the skill and of course the stats to make your dreams come true. Very few Ladies have such qualities maybe only Goddess Severa so it really is a chance in a lifetime. Apart from being 6’1 with 27 inch thighs, 15.5 inch biceps and weighing 200 lbs The Empress is also very beautiful and intelligent.

The Tour

The Empress does not tour very often and as you can imagine availability is very limited. Competitive or semi-competitive sessions are not available but fantasy wrestling, muscle worship, posing, wrestling holds/scissoring, foot and boot worship, spanking, ball-busting, domination and of course over-powering males are all available in session. Deposits may be required for bookings and information contact the Empress via e mail –


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January is always the busiest time when it comes to joining a gym, with putting on a few extra pounds over the festive period or a new years resolution to get fit for the coming year.

Gym Slave

Mistress Dometria who originates from Cyprus although brought up in London’s East End, now based in Brighton and known for playing on quite a sadistic level with a personal preference for harsh and cruel torment. As you can tell from the pictures Mistress Dometria is no stranger to the gym herself. Dedicating a lot of time over recent years into body building/fitness to competition level, so with a true understanding and experience Dometia Gymwear clothing is engineered to suit the needs and comfort required during a work-out. The brand is distinctive and shouts attitude as you would expect from Dometria with that touch of ‘kink’ such are the slogans – ‘Gym Slave’ ‘Iron is my only master’ ‘Alpha Female’ etc and quality is assured as all items are handmade.


The dedication and hard work has paid off for Mistress Dometria competing in international events such as Hercules Olympia and stage performances which Incorporate her Domina alter ego – Dometria Domn.

The full range can be found at – IFStrongwear




A Mistress who needs very little introduction, renowned disciplinarian and Dominatrix The Huntress AKA Cassie Hunter/Cassie Canes has announced a new tour schedule. Those of you who have never come across The Hunteress before, The Hunteress is based in Liverpool England although travels worldwide on a regular basis. Highly skilled in the art of corporal punishment with a reputation feared by many including the most masochisitic of submissives.  With such a reputation The Hunteress is in very big demand on the female domination circuit appearing on many websites.

New Images

With such demand The Hunteress tours on a regular basis, with both sessions and video/photo work and has recently visited Berlin Germany working with Sado-Ladies and also Femdom Foto creating some excellent movies and photo sets. A selection of these images are below –

Session Protocol…

The Hunteress adopts a very strict policy for session applicants. You will be required to fill out an online questionnaire answering several questions such as – your level of play, how often you session, how many Mistresses you have visited. The Hunteress also requires a reference from someone you have sessioned with and will verify your suitability. You may only submit one application – no duplicates and no ‘chasing up’ the progress of your application, failure to follow these rules will result in the termination of your submission. Of course if you are a genuine submissive seeking a Professional Domination service following these rules will not be an issue, due to the nature of sessions offered and the plethora of time wasters around you can understand. After a lengthy hiatus sessions have only resumed again this year and with a huge following The Hunteress is in a position to be very selective with whom she chooses to session with. Bare this in mind with your application and you need to be totally honest.

The Tour…

The Hunteress has announced she will be visiting the following cities, tribute prices can vary depending on the location and the type of session you require and of course a deposit is required. Further information can be found on the website.

  • Bristol UK December 10th – 11th
  • London UK December 14th – 23rd
  • London UK December 27th – 30th
  • Abu Dhabi & Dubai United Arab Emirates January 9th – 19th 2014
The Hunteress Website

The Hunteress Website

Lady Alex

Renowned Mistress and Disciplinarian – Lady Alex is now offering sessions in London. Lady Alex who is also known as Miss Cane is the UK’s most experienced Disciplinarian with a huge 21 years of experience!!. Based in Leeds England and now due to overwhelming demand Lady Alex is now offering sessions in London on a regular basis from a luxurious premises offering CP and a variety of other BDSM practices. Lady Alex has a no-nonsense approach when delivering Corporal Punishment and take’s a great amount of pride in her ‘art’,  describing herself as a “sadistic” and “intelligent” Dominatrix and Disciplinarian offering a service very few Mistresses can rival.


Naturally sadistic Lady Alex relishes the opportunity to play on the severe side and push your limits but also welcomes those who are new to the scene and are maybe not so masochistic. With such a wealth of experience Lady Alex has a true understanding of a submissive’s needs and tailors the session appropriately, of course a consultation before each session is a must and it is also advised to read her website thoroughly before making a booking. Sessions range from a 30 minute session for CP and 1 hour and longer for CP and BDSM activities, for news of the next availability in London please check Lady Alex’s website and Fetlife page.

With the success of two trips to London already the next is soon to be announced, whilst in London sessions offered are those incorporating –

  • Corporal Punishment
  • SpankingAlex02
  • OTK
  • Strapping
  • Tawseing
  • Paddling
  • Leg Slapping
  • Face Slapping
  • Caning
  • Slippering
  • Plimsoll
  • Hairbrush
  • Judicial Punishments – Only for those who have sessioned with Lady Alex before

Role Play –

  • Headmistress
  • Governess
  • Strict Aunt
  • Prison Officer
  • Lady Boss
  • Matron

You may e mail Lady Alex for further information and booking enquiries although appointments can only be made by telephone both of which can be found on the website –


Muscle Diva…

Monica Martin who is also known as ‘Monix’ is a World famous fitness model, pro physique athlete, born in Sao Paulo, Brazil now based in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. The first Brazilian female to receive an IFBB pro card, with an interest in athletics, gymnastics, cycling & ballet from an early age Monix started lifting weights in 1986 and entered her first bodybuilding competition in 1994. During her career so far Monica has won various titles including the Brazilian National Championship, South American Championship, and Ibero-American Championship prior to achieving her IFBB pro card in 1998. Also competing at the pro level in shows including th Arnold Classic, Jana Tana classic and Europa.

Monix work can be seen throughout the internet & in the top fitness & FBB magazines worldwide, with her feminine exotic look’s and amazing shape which she maintains all year round!. Standing at 5″ 4″ at 135 lbs pre-contest & 145 lbs off-season, huge 25 inch thighs, 15 inch biceps and 17 inch calves. Able to bench press 250 lbs and leg press a massive 1250 lbs! Monix strength is devastating. Monix is also fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

The Tour…

Monix will be available for sessions in the following cities –

Amsterdam Holland April 18-19 2012

Essen Germany April 20-22 2012

London England April 24-26 2012

Stockholm Sweden April 28 to May 1 2012

Helsinki Finland May 1-3 2012

Berlin Germany May 5-6 2012

Amsterdam Holland May 8-13 2012

Monix offer sessions from mild to wild depending on your desires, Monix also has a background in martial arts!, exceptionally strong grips and scissors, A deadly combination of beauty, strength & skill. Monix enjoys being in total control and has an ability to make her serf’s suffer and submit with ease…. depending on your preference of play, Monix can just as easily be playful and sensual which is no wonder why Monix has a large fan base. Aswell as wrestling and scissor sessions Monix also enjoys having her huge – defined muscles worshipped, leg’s and feet worshiped, light Domination, posing/flexing, dancing, fantasy workout sessions which are available via webcam aswell. To arrange a session e-mail – or click on the link below for further info and images.

Karate Blackbelt, FBB Pro Body-Builder and Session Wrestler!

Brigita Brezovac.

 The FBB Pro..

In the beginning Brigita was a skinny but strong girl with a passion for karate,  in this fighting sport the need for more strength, explosiveness, power,  inspired by Anja langer , this led Brigita to the gym and at the age of 14 she began to train with weights. Eight years karate training gained Brigita her blackbelt and was a national champion for several years. Coming away from competing due to injuries and the need to put time into studying Brigita never gave up the gym, with her determination and commitment and with only three months of preparation Brigita competed in ‘Miss Bodybuilding’ in 2001 and came fourth. Moving on to compete in The Slovenian Open the following year in the Miss Fitness category Brigita blew away the competition coming first!!.

Spending many hours practicing gymnastics and choreography and training very hard in preparation for the 2004 Miss Fitness World Championship only to be told by the prejudging judges that her physique was too muscular for this class, Brigita was moved into the body-buiding class which she won! and has since carried on competing in this class. Further achievements include a second place in the Worlds Womens Championship in Italy in the heavy weight class in 2009 in the same year Brigita gained her IFBB pro card in the same year. In 2010 was her Pro debut in the Tampa Pro and won the show, one week later Brigita won another PRO show Europa in Hartford!. Brigita body-building success has gone from strength to strength and in this same year achieved her ultimate goal and qualified for Ms Olympia.

Session’s Available…

 As a competitive female bodybuilder Brigita travels the globe, offering session time to those who enjoy being Dominated by a Lady who is extremely strong!. Her strength and power is scary! you will have no option but to submit, but will Brigita loosen her grip? she truly enjoys sessioning with those who appreciate female bodybuilder’s and takes the time to understand what you seek from the session and tailors it to your requirements. Brigita is becoming very popular on the mixed wrestling scene, and appearing on websites such as take a look and see what you will be up against!.

Brigita stands at 163cm (5’4) weighs 72kg (160lbs) has 16 inch biceps, 16 inch calves and 25 inch quads! enjoys and specialises in –

  • Muscle Worship
  • Posing
  • Role-Play
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Domination
  • Scissors and Kickboxing
Brigita will be in London UK  from the 24th until the 29th of October, during November Brigita will be in Paris, Brussels, Zürich and Amsterdam, during December – Milano, Rome, Munich and Frankfurt. As a frequent traveller its best to keep check on her website for dates and alternative destinations. Brigita’s website also has many video clips and photos if you would like to see more of this outstanding Lady!!.


Finlands finest and most beautiful export – Amazon Lady Diana Ball is returning to London in May after some time. Ex-model and bodybuilder Diana stands at a statuesque 5′ 10′ and weighs 170lbs, with striking blue eyes and long dark hair these are just a few of her very impressive statistics. Diana Ball is a Lady who truly enjoys showing off her superior strenght! Diana posses’s a natural and real Dominant side, she is sexy and strong who enjoys to see you suffer and submit to her awesome strenght, A really nice and fun person to meet but relishes the opportunity to show off her sadistic side.

Diana trains on a hardcore level, lifting heavy weights for few reps such as – Dumb Bell bench presses 90lb per hand for six reps! Barbell Curls 112lbs for 5 reps! Leg Presses 900lbs for six reps!. Diana really enjoys standing out in a crowd, during her time as an actress in a soap opera she had to choose between training and work, never been happy with herself at 130lbs she chose training over acting and now is at a very imposing 170lbs.

The Reviews….

“What a fabulous body!!!  The only problem I had with Diana was that she wouldn’t do competitive on account of the hotel room – it was actually big enough for semi, but not quite for competitive. Also the floor was VERY hard.  She is very strong and utterly desirable. But perhaps a bit hyper, if you know what I mean:very keen to show off her strength.  She destroyed me, including an airplane spin which rightly should be re-defined as a helicopter or a rotor blade spin, if you take my meaning and nearly knocked me out.  AND she wore trainers, which was a little uncomfortable at times. I think she’s really into dominatrix style. I’d love to do a comp session with her, that would really be something, but possibly quite damaging!  I met her afterwards by accident and she’s almost as attractive with all her clothes on.”

 “I have wrestled with Diana 2 times now, just cant get enough of her! She is STUNNING, I have wrestled almost all the ladies in the business, and NEVER seen such a combination of incredibly beautiful face, tall busty and perfectly muscular and STRONG body. She is absolutely one of the strongest woman I have ever had session with. Her scissors are deadly! Sometimes ladies do not look as good as they do in the photos, but Diana does look even better! “


Available in London between the 23rd and 28th of May and offering sessions incorporating – Wrestling, Domination, Muscle Worship, Lift and Carry scenarios and Fantasy Role-Play. To make an appointment please visit this link to Diana’s website which takes you to her travel page, her only page at the moment as the site is in a state of redevelopment.


America’s most desirable Domina is making a return visit to London and New York City. An expert Mistress, who has appeared in countless fetish magazines, DVD’s, websites  and on stage as a fetish performer. Starting her career way-back in 1993 Mistress Persephone has a wealth of experience in domination and fetishism. Her iconic status is well-earned, with such exquisite beauty, unparalleled skills, and years of experience Mistress Persephone has everything! able to take her subject to places they only dreamt of… and beyond!!. A fetishists dream with a huge collection of – RHT Stockings, Hosiery, Catsuits, Rubber, High heeled boots and shoes with heels up to 9 inches, over 200 Corsets, not to mention a huge glove collection! your taste is almost certainly catered for and Mistress Persephone enjoys to wear these items as much as her lowly subjects like to admire them!. If you wish to own an item previously owned and worn by this Goddess, Mistress Persephone ocassionally sells previously worn items on e-bay,  recently several corsets, for years many of Her fans have asked and begged to be able to buy such worn items, and now reluctantly as collector herself  Mistress decided to put the ones on e-bay which no longer fit, due to weight training her chest is now larger going from a D cup to DD and some corsets are just too painful to wear, this created more room for more new corsets in Her huge wardrobe. Of course these items sold very fast! if you wish to purchase Mistress Persephone’s used items keep a check on Her blog for further news…

Unparalleled Skills

A bewitching Lady, Mistress Persephone enjoys and is very skilled in many aspects of  bdsm and fetishes, as a fetishist herself  her understanding and beauty gives Her the tools to give you a mind-blowing session!. In her words – “Skilled in all aspects of boot, shoe, and foot worship, psychodrama and sensually sadistic play.Trampling, teasing, tickling, corporal (light to heavy), OTK, nail torture, cellophane mummification, water sports, sounds, smothering, cbt and nipple play are my specialties. I take special delight in giving heavy canings and paddlings to masochistic pain sluts, and enjoy using men as my own personal latrines. Bondage, interrogations, dog and maid training, feminization and domestic discipline also available. I am an elegant smoker with 2″ talons that will bring you to heel”.


Offering session’s from Morrigan Hel’s Murder Mile Studio situated in Hackney, ten minutes from Liverpool Street tube. Mistress Persephones previous visit to London last December was a brief visit, unable to see all her admirers Mistress Persephone has decided to stay in London longer on this tour, staying from the 9th March until the 15th March  it is advised to book your session as soon as possible or be very disappointed!. As a renowned fetish model Mistress Persephone is also available for photo and video shoots. The Murder Mile Studio has several rooms available for fetish role-play such as –

· The Scarlet Chamber –  A decadent scarlet room with patterned wallpaper and plush red curtains. It contains a huge mahogany throne, various horned beasts adorn the walls and an oriental rug covers the floor·

· The Dungeon –   decorated with Black leather look tiled walls and 10 ft black leather look curtains. It’s fully equipped and has many bespoke pieces which include a large bondage bed, cage, St Andrews cross, Horse, Bondage chair, Mummification bench, Coffin, 10 ft X Pole and suspension frame. All of the equipment can be moved if desired.

· The White Room – The white room has fully padded walls and a tiled floor. It contains an anatomical skeleton called Alan, a black Hydraulic dentist chair, vintage gyno chair, medical screen and trolley. Everything can be moved to create an empty padded cell.

· The Boudoir – Ornate cream wallpaper and Burgundy floor length drapes give the Boudoir a sumptuous feel. It’s home to a large black mahogany Chaise Longue, a matching black french dressing table ideal for shoots & as a make up area. There’s also a clothing rack and giant leopard print shoe chair.


Former home to Mistress Persephone, New York is a city is a place with fond memories for Mistress Persephone. Taking sessions at Mistress Ariana’s NYC Rubber Studio from the evening of March 15th until the evening of March 18th. The Rubber Studio boost’s a huge array of rubber –

· Rubber sleepsacks ranging from L – XXXL
· Rubber Cat suits ranging from Medium – XXXL
· inflatable body bags
· Various latex straight jackets
· Latex socks and gloves
· Inflatable and Non-inflatable hoods
· Latex leg binders
· Latex arm binders
· Vacuum suction bed

And also available are many electrical toy’s –

· Mega 6 Channel E-Stim Unit
· Folsom Electric PSG Max
· Violet Wand Kit
· Erostek ET-232
· Eros Tek Remote Power Unit ET-302R

For further information and session protocol please visit Mistress Persephone’s website – you will find a huge amount of info, photo’s and also video diaries.

Madam Mysteria who is based in Prague Czech Republic, and conducts sessions from the her own dungeon. A once circus aerialist, and bench press specialist winning the European Championship and being second in the world in 2002! which is why understandably Madam Mysteria has no problem overpowering you and making you submit to her superior strength with ease!. Madam Mysteria is a Lady who truly enjoys showing off her power, capable of lifting and carrying you in nine different ways! delivering hard punches to the belly or challenging you to a one-sided boxing match! Madam Mysteria will Dominate you in many many ways!! even allowing you to worship her magnificent muscles….


Not only adept in wrestling and overpowerment, Madam Mysteria is a very skilled Mistress who also offers the following session scenarios –

  • CBT

Tour Dates…

Madam Mysteria travels frequently each year and is currently in Florence Italy before moving on the following cities –  

Italy – Roma 18th February

Greece – Athens 20th February – 1st March

Germany – Frankfurt 2nd March

England – Manchester 3rd March

England – Leeds 4th – 6th March

England – London 7th – 8th March

France – Paris 11th – 13th April


To make an appointment, please contact Madam Mysteria by e-mail –  for more photos and videos please visit –


American born and based Fetish legend Dia Zerva is visiting London in April from the 1st until the 7th 2011. Dia Zerva can be found on countless fetish websites – Divine Bitches, Men in Pain, Wet and Messy Me, Whippedass to name just a few . A very liberated Lady Dia began her career as a nude model, a desire she had from an early age.  Dia has recently began working as a stripper another one of  her many many skills. Working with many well known photographers and respected websites ranging from xxx to hardcore bondage Dia is very adaptable, she truly enjoys being in front of the camera and has a true understanding and enjoyment of Fetishism, especially as she occasionally plays the submissve role. Dia is in the process of launching her own membership site which will be live very soon, Mean while Dia has many clips available on Clips for Sale.

A rare visit to the UK Dia Zerva will be offering sessions in London, a formidable wrestler and fetishist Dia has many skills, and is offering sessions in the following but is not limited to –

  • Scissor sessions
  • Foot worship
  • Beat downs
  • Role-play
  • Lift and carry
  • Arm wrestling
  • Muscle worship
  • Belly punching

Standing at 5′ 5 and weighing 130lbs Dia Zerva is not to be  under estimated, her ability to Dominate is very apparent, if you have seen Dia in any of her videos, or competing in Ultimate Surrender her skill and enjoyment is very obvious. Very much in demand you will need to book your session in London early as her diary will soon be full. To find out more about Dia and to book a session please take time to view her information site which hosts many links to websites where Dia is featured.