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Ultimate Amazon

Goddess Severa, the ultimate Amazon Mistress has updated Her huge membership website, with galleries and video depicting scenes from wrestling, adoration and pure Domination as expected from Goddess Severa… see below for views from one of the many members   –

“The last two weeks’ galleries show us, once again, the enormous range of Goddess Severa’s erotic kinky-electric magnetism. It’s why her website is so addicting”:

“Whatever we absolutely must see, whatever image we’ve been longing for all day,She provides the most satisfying version of it because She embodies every feature that matters to us–beauty, sexuality, physical strength, plus BDSM skill and imagination. The most recent four picture galleries and four video clips are testimony to all of Her achingly attractive qualities”.

“She’s a larger-than-life Amazon. We don’t have to pretend She can overpower us physically, Her body makes that painfully clear: At 6’5,” She radiates superior strength: Her fabulous frame is perfectly muscled–shoulders, back, arms, thighs, calves and buttocks. And She knows how to use Her body to devastating effect–She’s a former professional athlete with brown belt Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills. To wit: the two wrestling photo galleries in which our bikini-clad Goddess puts on a bjj demonstration at the expense of two muscular slave-boy victims. She crushes them between Her thighs, smothers them with Her fabulous breasts as She pins their prostrate bodies with Her legs, hips and shoulders. Throughout, She displays Her luscious, if deadly muscles with an array of choke holds, joint locks, and scissors. Her amazingly long calves, alone, are worth a year’s paysite subscription”.


Stunning Beauty..

“She’s a stunning beauty: Her green eyes, long blond hair, high cheek bones, full lips are luminously gorgeous. No matter what She wears, from traditional fashion to kink–black leather catsuit, corset, thong, garter belt, strap-on harness, thigh highs,stockings, pantyhose, mules, platforms, boots, classic ball gown, business suit, bikini–Her sexual magnetism is irresistible. To wit: the two spanking galleries. In the first, Goddess Severa is high-fashion magazine glamorous with perfect hair and makeup, a nearly see-through, spaghetti strap, black mesh top; black leather skirt; black, pin-striped fine-mesh pantyhose, and 8″ super-strappy black platform stilettos. Her spankees, all five middle-aged, business-suited boys have their pants down to provide maximum access for their Mistress. She obliges by putting one of them over Her knee and applying a paddle as they all stand by, riveted yet ready. Her long, mesh-encased legs control Her victim’s body and your responses. In the second, the Goddess is more casual in a powder blue, short sleeve sweater, black skirt, black fishnet pantyhose and black heels. She relaxes in a plush chair with Her slave boy splayed face down across Her knees as He receives Her bare-handed smacks”.

“She’s kinky: We see two sets of two video clips. Both are welcome continuations of episodes that began several weeks ago. The first set is testimony to Goddess Severa’s kinky creativity: “Leather Bathing,” in which She and Her petite slave girl wear black leather catsuits in a large, filled-to-the-brim oval bathtub. The Goddess alternately dunks and strokes Her girl-toy. The poor, waterlogged victim has lost all ability to resist and you’re aroused in so many ways. First,the Goddess demonstrates sheer Dominance–it’s so overpoweringly hot to see a classic Domme really have Her way with a play toy. She simply drowns the girl into complete submission, then rewards her with loving, gloved-leather strokes to her erogenous zones. By contrast, the second two video clips feature the Goddess in a classically elegant, corseted ball gown spanking a naked, hooded male slave. She’s arranged all of Her implements on a table near Her throne-like chair and uses each one with substantial force on a victim who struggles gamely to absorb his punishment without wincing”.

The paysite now has a nearly inexhaustible supply of the full range of kinky delights, and the Goddess’ webmaster has now produced a new picture gallery format that will add to your viewing pleasure. It’s quick, has exceptionally large thumbnails, and allows quick movement from one picture to the next, forward and back. A great moment to join. Click on the picture below to visit Goddess Severa’s Clips4Sale site –