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A Real Life Amazon Lady

The stats may sound unbelievable but they are all accurate. A competitive body builder Towering over you at six foot eight in heels The Empress Amazon is a real life amazonian Lady.

It’s a rare opportunity to serve such a Lady and The Empress Amazon really loves to show you just how big and how very very strong she is!. Living in the Netherlands and competing on the female body building circuit with many accolades . The Empress Amazon is currently touring and may well be visiting a city near you! If you wish to make your Amazon fantasies a reality The Empress has the skill and of course the stats to make your dreams come true. Very few Ladies have such qualities maybe only Goddess Severa so it really is a chance in a lifetime. Apart from being 6’1 with 27 inch thighs, 15.5 inch biceps and weighing 200 lbs The Empress is also very beautiful and intelligent.

The Tour

The Empress does not tour very often and as you can imagine availability is very limited. Competitive or semi-competitive sessions are not available but fantasy wrestling, muscle worship, posing, wrestling holds/scissoring, foot and boot worship, spanking, ball-busting, domination and of course over-powering males are all available in session. Deposits may be required for bookings and information contact the Empress via e mail –


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Muscle Diva…

Monica Martin who is also known as ‘Monix’ is a World famous fitness model, pro physique athlete, born in Sao Paulo, Brazil now based in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. The first Brazilian female to receive an IFBB pro card, with an interest in athletics, gymnastics, cycling & ballet from an early age Monix started lifting weights in 1986 and entered her first bodybuilding competition in 1994. During her career so far Monica has won various titles including the Brazilian National Championship, South American Championship, and Ibero-American Championship prior to achieving her IFBB pro card in 1998. Also competing at the pro level in shows including th Arnold Classic, Jana Tana classic and Europa.

Monix work can be seen throughout the internet & in the top fitness & FBB magazines worldwide, with her feminine exotic look’s and amazing shape which she maintains all year round!. Standing at 5″ 4″ at 135 lbs pre-contest & 145 lbs off-season, huge 25 inch thighs, 15 inch biceps and 17 inch calves. Able to bench press 250 lbs and leg press a massive 1250 lbs! Monix strength is devastating. Monix is also fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

The Tour…

Monix will be available for sessions in the following cities –

Amsterdam Holland April 18-19 2012

Essen Germany April 20-22 2012

London England April 24-26 2012

Stockholm Sweden April 28 to May 1 2012

Helsinki Finland May 1-3 2012

Berlin Germany May 5-6 2012

Amsterdam Holland May 8-13 2012

Monix offer sessions from mild to wild depending on your desires, Monix also has a background in martial arts!, exceptionally strong grips and scissors, A deadly combination of beauty, strength & skill. Monix enjoys being in total control and has an ability to make her serf’s suffer and submit with ease…. depending on your preference of play, Monix can just as easily be playful and sensual which is no wonder why Monix has a large fan base. Aswell as wrestling and scissor sessions Monix also enjoys having her huge – defined muscles worshipped, leg’s and feet worshiped, light Domination, posing/flexing, dancing, fantasy workout sessions which are available via webcam aswell. To arrange a session e-mail – or click on the link below for further info and images.

Finlands finest and most beautiful export – Amazon Lady Diana Ball is returning to London in May after some time. Ex-model and bodybuilder Diana stands at a statuesque 5′ 10′ and weighs 170lbs, with striking blue eyes and long dark hair these are just a few of her very impressive statistics. Diana Ball is a Lady who truly enjoys showing off her superior strenght! Diana posses’s a natural and real Dominant side, she is sexy and strong who enjoys to see you suffer and submit to her awesome strenght, A really nice and fun person to meet but relishes the opportunity to show off her sadistic side.

Diana trains on a hardcore level, lifting heavy weights for few reps such as – Dumb Bell bench presses 90lb per hand for six reps! Barbell Curls 112lbs for 5 reps! Leg Presses 900lbs for six reps!. Diana really enjoys standing out in a crowd, during her time as an actress in a soap opera she had to choose between training and work, never been happy with herself at 130lbs she chose training over acting and now is at a very imposing 170lbs.

The Reviews….

“What a fabulous body!!!  The only problem I had with Diana was that she wouldn’t do competitive on account of the hotel room – it was actually big enough for semi, but not quite for competitive. Also the floor was VERY hard.  She is very strong and utterly desirable. But perhaps a bit hyper, if you know what I mean:very keen to show off her strength.  She destroyed me, including an airplane spin which rightly should be re-defined as a helicopter or a rotor blade spin, if you take my meaning and nearly knocked me out.  AND she wore trainers, which was a little uncomfortable at times. I think she’s really into dominatrix style. I’d love to do a comp session with her, that would really be something, but possibly quite damaging!  I met her afterwards by accident and she’s almost as attractive with all her clothes on.”

 “I have wrestled with Diana 2 times now, just cant get enough of her! She is STUNNING, I have wrestled almost all the ladies in the business, and NEVER seen such a combination of incredibly beautiful face, tall busty and perfectly muscular and STRONG body. She is absolutely one of the strongest woman I have ever had session with. Her scissors are deadly! Sometimes ladies do not look as good as they do in the photos, but Diana does look even better! “


Available in London between the 23rd and 28th of May and offering sessions incorporating – Wrestling, Domination, Muscle Worship, Lift and Carry scenarios and Fantasy Role-Play. To make an appointment please visit this link to Diana’s website which takes you to her travel page, her only page at the moment as the site is in a state of redevelopment.


Ultimate Amazon

Goddess Severa, the ultimate Amazon Mistress has updated Her huge membership website, with galleries and video depicting scenes from wrestling, adoration and pure Domination as expected from Goddess Severa… see below for views from one of the many members   –

“The last two weeks’ galleries show us, once again, the enormous range of Goddess Severa’s erotic kinky-electric magnetism. It’s why her website is so addicting”:

“Whatever we absolutely must see, whatever image we’ve been longing for all day,She provides the most satisfying version of it because She embodies every feature that matters to us–beauty, sexuality, physical strength, plus BDSM skill and imagination. The most recent four picture galleries and four video clips are testimony to all of Her achingly attractive qualities”.

“She’s a larger-than-life Amazon. We don’t have to pretend She can overpower us physically, Her body makes that painfully clear: At 6’5,” She radiates superior strength: Her fabulous frame is perfectly muscled–shoulders, back, arms, thighs, calves and buttocks. And She knows how to use Her body to devastating effect–She’s a former professional athlete with brown belt Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills. To wit: the two wrestling photo galleries in which our bikini-clad Goddess puts on a bjj demonstration at the expense of two muscular slave-boy victims. She crushes them between Her thighs, smothers them with Her fabulous breasts as She pins their prostrate bodies with Her legs, hips and shoulders. Throughout, She displays Her luscious, if deadly muscles with an array of choke holds, joint locks, and scissors. Her amazingly long calves, alone, are worth a year’s paysite subscription”.


Stunning Beauty..

“She’s a stunning beauty: Her green eyes, long blond hair, high cheek bones, full lips are luminously gorgeous. No matter what She wears, from traditional fashion to kink–black leather catsuit, corset, thong, garter belt, strap-on harness, thigh highs,stockings, pantyhose, mules, platforms, boots, classic ball gown, business suit, bikini–Her sexual magnetism is irresistible. To wit: the two spanking galleries. In the first, Goddess Severa is high-fashion magazine glamorous with perfect hair and makeup, a nearly see-through, spaghetti strap, black mesh top; black leather skirt; black, pin-striped fine-mesh pantyhose, and 8″ super-strappy black platform stilettos. Her spankees, all five middle-aged, business-suited boys have their pants down to provide maximum access for their Mistress. She obliges by putting one of them over Her knee and applying a paddle as they all stand by, riveted yet ready. Her long, mesh-encased legs control Her victim’s body and your responses. In the second, the Goddess is more casual in a powder blue, short sleeve sweater, black skirt, black fishnet pantyhose and black heels. She relaxes in a plush chair with Her slave boy splayed face down across Her knees as He receives Her bare-handed smacks”.

“She’s kinky: We see two sets of two video clips. Both are welcome continuations of episodes that began several weeks ago. The first set is testimony to Goddess Severa’s kinky creativity: “Leather Bathing,” in which She and Her petite slave girl wear black leather catsuits in a large, filled-to-the-brim oval bathtub. The Goddess alternately dunks and strokes Her girl-toy. The poor, waterlogged victim has lost all ability to resist and you’re aroused in so many ways. First,the Goddess demonstrates sheer Dominance–it’s so overpoweringly hot to see a classic Domme really have Her way with a play toy. She simply drowns the girl into complete submission, then rewards her with loving, gloved-leather strokes to her erogenous zones. By contrast, the second two video clips feature the Goddess in a classically elegant, corseted ball gown spanking a naked, hooded male slave. She’s arranged all of Her implements on a table near Her throne-like chair and uses each one with substantial force on a victim who struggles gamely to absorb his punishment without wincing”.

The paysite now has a nearly inexhaustible supply of the full range of kinky delights, and the Goddess’ webmaster has now produced a new picture gallery format that will add to your viewing pleasure. It’s quick, has exceptionally large thumbnails, and allows quick movement from one picture to the next, forward and back. A great moment to join. Click on the picture below to visit Goddess Severa’s Clips4Sale site –

Madam Mysteria who is based in Prague Czech Republic, and conducts sessions from the her own dungeon. A once circus aerialist, and bench press specialist winning the European Championship and being second in the world in 2002! which is why understandably Madam Mysteria has no problem overpowering you and making you submit to her superior strength with ease!. Madam Mysteria is a Lady who truly enjoys showing off her power, capable of lifting and carrying you in nine different ways! delivering hard punches to the belly or challenging you to a one-sided boxing match! Madam Mysteria will Dominate you in many many ways!! even allowing you to worship her magnificent muscles….


Not only adept in wrestling and overpowerment, Madam Mysteria is a very skilled Mistress who also offers the following session scenarios –

  • CBT

Tour Dates…

Madam Mysteria travels frequently each year and is currently in Florence Italy before moving on the following cities –  

Italy – Roma 18th February

Greece – Athens 20th February – 1st March

Germany – Frankfurt 2nd March

England – Manchester 3rd March

England – Leeds 4th – 6th March

England – London 7th – 8th March

France – Paris 11th – 13th April


To make an appointment, please contact Madam Mysteria by e-mail –  for more photos and videos please visit –


The Ultimate Amazon – Goddess Severa


The Alpha Female

Superior in every way, a submissive’s dream. The beautiful Amazon – Goddess Severa is an awesome sight. Standing at an intimidating 6 feet 5 in her bare feet! a dream for those who enjoy height comparison, holder of a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu her skills as a submission specialist are awesome! able to apply agonising choke holds, scissors,and  with her technical wrestling holds and joint locks, escape is pretty much impossible. Goddess Severa is a very skilled Domina, offering an unbelievable experience where you will be able to act out your most wildest fantasies. Sessions incorporating – Corporal Punishment, CBT, Nipple Torture, Whipping and CP, Stomach Punching, Face-Slapping, Lift and Carry, OTK, Forced Feminisation, Lap-Sitting, Bondage, Mummification, Foot?Leg and Muscle Worship, abandonment Fantasies, Tease and Denial, Tickle Torment, Breath Play, Chastisement/Embarrassment, Trampling, and Fantasy Role-Play are favourite of Goddess Severa’s.

Based in San Diego USA although Goddess Severa frequently travels the globe, serious devotees only need to apply to become her slave. Goddess Severa use’s an online application process to eliminate time wasters but mainly to ensure she will enjoy playing with you! also you must adhere to the Goddesses rules outlined on her very graphic website.

Feeling Brave

A former college athlete and NYC model Goddess Severa is the ultimate package!. If its your first introduction to domination wrestling Goddess Severa can as easily be the gentle giantess aswell the cruel bitch,with  her wealth of experience she can accomodate both the nervous novice as well as the hardened player, you will find Severa charming, charismatic and a lot of fun! but have no doubt, don’t upset this Lady as she really can kick your butt!!

Slave A – “Severa is my amazon fantasy come to life: 6’5″ in her bare feet, model pretty, and STRONG.  She easily overwhelm me with her size and strength even before she started studying BJJ and now she is skilled as well. Her scissors are incredibly powerful and I have never seen such long creamy thighs”

Slave B – “Her body is just breath-taking. Just pure perfection and I cannot even begin to describe those long, strong, shiny, smooth legs.(Probably a 42″ inseam!!!!)  If Severa wraps those legs around you, it is lights out.Her personality is unique.  Severa can be a gentle giantess or she can be a cruel bitch. Whatever your desire is the Goddess aims to please….No one can come close to this Goddess because she possess so many attributes. Beauty, brains, figure, attitude and height. What more can you ask for in a woman….Oh, by the way, I went to see Severa for a one-sided boxing and wrestling session and needless to say, I was sore for a week. Her strength and power is simply devastating.”

Pay Homage

 More information and pictures can be found on Goddess Severa’s well established website which is now in its eleventh year, you will find a nice intro video giving you a glimpse into her world of Domination. The website boasts a huge member’s area, with thousands of pictures and hours movies covering all the fetishes listed above. Visit the sites – and and enjoy your stay!.

 Goddess Severa has two websites, Goddess Severa which was launched in 2000 which is her main site, with all information regarding types of session, news, travels and with a huge members only section which is updated weekly.

Submit to Severa is the Goddesses secondary site. Launched in 2007 this site is dedicated to wrestling, information, stats, an extensive free gallery, and session protocol.


Goddess Severa has a huge yahoo group with over 20,000 members. A place where you can interact with the Goddess and her many devotee’s. Opened in 2002.