January is always the busiest time when it comes to joining a gym, with putting on a few extra pounds over the festive period or a new years resolution to get fit for the coming year.

Gym Slave

Mistress Dometria who originates from Cyprus although brought up in London’s East End, now based in Brighton and known for playing on quite a sadistic level with a personal preference for harsh and cruel torment. As you can tell from the pictures Mistress Dometria is no stranger to the gym herself. Dedicating a lot of time over recent years into body building/fitness to competition level, so with a true understanding and experience Dometia Gymwear clothing is engineered to suit the needs and comfort required during a work-out. The brand is distinctive and shouts attitude as you would expect from Dometria with that touch of ‘kink’ such are the slogans – ‘Gym Slave’ ‘Iron is my only master’ ‘Alpha Female’ etc and quality is assured as all items are handmade.


The dedication and hard work has paid off for Mistress Dometria competing in international events such as Hercules Olympia and stage performances which Incorporate her Domina alter ego – Dometria Domn.

The full range can be found at – IFStrongwear



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