Scissor Foxes Live Event

Meet the Foxes…

Like the site? Want to get closer to the action ? or would you like to experience it?. A leading site in all things scissors –Scissor Foxes is now hosting a live event. Now is the chance to meet the models you have enjoyed watching on the site… and if you are feeling brave also experience some awesome scissors. Models attending are –

Miss Jasmine

Jenna Preston

Lady Shayne


More Foxes to be confirmed.

Scissor Foxes

March 18th 2015 Toronto Canada

If you’re a proud scissor fan you can sign a waiver allowing you to be shown on the site, likewise total discretion is also understood. This is chance to feel comfortable about your Kink and meet others with the same interest and of course be lost for words in the presence of the Scissor Fox you have dreamed of been scissored by… Hopefully this will be a first of many events taking Scissor Foxes to the next level bringing their fans closer and involving them in the action. Free entry for women and for everyone else its $50 a very good price for an evening of scissor fun, if you are new to the scene and looking for an introduction, this is a great way to do it and also if you want to see more from Scissor Foxes join their website all original material with movie clips and photo galleries, click the banner below to visit the site.


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