The Vinyl Queen at the Compound…

Posted: February 8, 2015 in Dominas, Touring Mistresses, Uncategorized
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The Vinyl Solution!


The Vinyl Queen

Are you ready for the “Vinyl Solution”? a rare opportunity to serve Mistress Vinyl Queen in Pittsburgh. Visiting her good friend Mistress Irene Boss, both Ladies have a fantastic reputation. A reputation for understanding the submissive, creating the scene bringing your fantasies into reality from the intoxicating and playful to the supreme and sadistic!. Both are very capable of getting into your mind and taking you to that dark place you always dreamed of! A challenge to the hard-core yet sympathetic to the new…..

Vinyl Queen : ” I am one of the most interesting people you will ever meet. I am 100% sure of this ascertain. I have lived my life based on the road less traveled. It’s been an exciting journey. Those who have taken the time to get to know me, have been assailed with my tales of FemDom adventures, Lifestyle choices, and current dilemmas. I am an equal opportunity tormentor. When you’re ready to meet a San Francisco Dominatrix who understands your dark secrets, use your device of choice and contact me. Who needs another regret in their life?

I could write a list of interests here but you will find are for more comprehensive and graphic list of fetishes which Vinyl Queen enjoys, on her website. The Vinyl Queen will be at The Compound between the 13th and 15th of March 2015 advanced booking is advised to secure a session.

The Boss of the Compound…


Mistress Irene Boss!!

Mistress Irene Boss – A name that is respected worldwide. A whip-wielding Innovation who honed her skills at the legendary Other World Kingdom and won several awards along the way. A true Mistress with the experience and knowledge very few have…

Want to make it happen ?

You need to do your research thoroughly to ensure your compatibility. For a true understanding of female Domination you could not find a better team! whether your the seasoned player looking to be taken to whole new level, or finding your feet in The World of Kink and exploring your fetishes, needs and desires. Either way if its your first time at The Compound you will need to e mail an introduction to Mistress Irene Boss, details can be found on her website.

Vinyl Queen

Website of Mistress Vinyl Queen

Dom Boss

Website of Mistress Irene Boss


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