Karate Blackbelt, FBB Pro Body-Builder and Session Wrestler!

Brigita Brezovac.

 The FBB Pro..

In the beginning Brigita was a skinny but strong girl with a passion for karate,  in this fighting sport the need for more strength, explosiveness, power,  inspired by Anja langer , this led Brigita to the gym and at the age of 14 she began to train with weights. Eight years karate training gained Brigita her blackbelt and was a national champion for several years. Coming away from competing due to injuries and the need to put time into studying Brigita never gave up the gym, with her determination and commitment and with only three months of preparation Brigita competed in ‘Miss Bodybuilding’ in 2001 and came fourth. Moving on to compete in The Slovenian Open the following year in the Miss Fitness category Brigita blew away the competition coming first!!.

Spending many hours practicing gymnastics and choreography and training very hard in preparation for the 2004 Miss Fitness World Championship only to be told by the prejudging judges that her physique was too muscular for this class, Brigita was moved into the body-buiding class which she won! and has since carried on competing in this class. Further achievements include a second place in the Worlds Womens Championship in Italy in the heavy weight class in 2009 in the same year Brigita gained her IFBB pro card in the same year. In 2010 was her Pro debut in the Tampa Pro and won the show, one week later Brigita won another PRO show Europa in Hartford!. Brigita body-building success has gone from strength to strength and in this same year achieved her ultimate goal and qualified for Ms Olympia.

Session’s Available…

 As a competitive female bodybuilder Brigita travels the globe, offering session time to those who enjoy being Dominated by a Lady who is extremely strong!. Her strength and power is scary! you will have no option but to submit, but will Brigita loosen her grip? she truly enjoys sessioning with those who appreciate female bodybuilder’s and takes the time to understand what you seek from the session and tailors it to your requirements. Brigita is becoming very popular on the mixed wrestling scene, and appearing on websites such as www.scissorfoxes.com take a look and see what you will be up against!.

Brigita stands at 163cm (5’4) weighs 72kg (160lbs) has 16 inch biceps, 16 inch calves and 25 inch quads! enjoys and specialises in –

  • Muscle Worship
  • Posing
  • Role-Play
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Domination
  • Scissors and Kickboxing
Brigita will be in London UK  from the 24th until the 29th of October, during November Brigita will be in Paris, Brussels, Zürich and Amsterdam, during December – Milano, Rome, Munich and Frankfurt. As a frequent traveller its best to keep check on her website for dates and alternative destinations. Brigita’s website also has many video clips and photos if you would like to see more of this outstanding Lady!!.


  1. Fightingirls says:

    Brigita is so strong and sexy … she is ready for Fightingirls.com (wrestling)

  2. peter says:

    she has been watching too many movies little woman only 5 ft 4 iam 6ft tall she would not be able to put me down never mind make me submit or put me to sleep ps i can take a lot of pain

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