America’s most desirable Domina is making a return visit to London and New York City. An expert Mistress, who has appeared in countless fetish magazines, DVD’s, websites  and on stage as a fetish performer. Starting her career way-back in 1993 Mistress Persephone has a wealth of experience in domination and fetishism. Her iconic status is well-earned, with such exquisite beauty, unparalleled skills, and years of experience Mistress Persephone has everything! able to take her subject to places they only dreamt of… and beyond!!. A fetishists dream with a huge collection of – RHT Stockings, Hosiery, Catsuits, Rubber, High heeled boots and shoes with heels up to 9 inches, over 200 Corsets, not to mention a huge glove collection! your taste is almost certainly catered for and Mistress Persephone enjoys to wear these items as much as her lowly subjects like to admire them!. If you wish to own an item previously owned and worn by this Goddess, Mistress Persephone ocassionally sells previously worn items on e-bay,  recently several corsets, for years many of Her fans have asked and begged to be able to buy such worn items, and now reluctantly as collector herself  Mistress decided to put the ones on e-bay which no longer fit, due to weight training her chest is now larger going from a D cup to DD and some corsets are just too painful to wear, this created more room for more new corsets in Her huge wardrobe. Of course these items sold very fast! if you wish to purchase Mistress Persephone’s used items keep a check on Her blog for further news…

Unparalleled Skills

A bewitching Lady, Mistress Persephone enjoys and is very skilled in many aspects of  bdsm and fetishes, as a fetishist herself  her understanding and beauty gives Her the tools to give you a mind-blowing session!. In her words – “Skilled in all aspects of boot, shoe, and foot worship, psychodrama and sensually sadistic play.Trampling, teasing, tickling, corporal (light to heavy), OTK, nail torture, cellophane mummification, water sports, sounds, smothering, cbt and nipple play are my specialties. I take special delight in giving heavy canings and paddlings to masochistic pain sluts, and enjoy using men as my own personal latrines. Bondage, interrogations, dog and maid training, feminization and domestic discipline also available. I am an elegant smoker with 2″ talons that will bring you to heel”.


Offering session’s from Morrigan Hel’s Murder Mile Studio situated in Hackney, ten minutes from Liverpool Street tube. Mistress Persephones previous visit to London last December was a brief visit, unable to see all her admirers Mistress Persephone has decided to stay in London longer on this tour, staying from the 9th March until the 15th March  it is advised to book your session as soon as possible or be very disappointed!. As a renowned fetish model Mistress Persephone is also available for photo and video shoots. The Murder Mile Studio has several rooms available for fetish role-play such as –

· The Scarlet Chamber –  A decadent scarlet room with patterned wallpaper and plush red curtains. It contains a huge mahogany throne, various horned beasts adorn the walls and an oriental rug covers the floor·

· The Dungeon –   decorated with Black leather look tiled walls and 10 ft black leather look curtains. It’s fully equipped and has many bespoke pieces which include a large bondage bed, cage, St Andrews cross, Horse, Bondage chair, Mummification bench, Coffin, 10 ft X Pole and suspension frame. All of the equipment can be moved if desired.

· The White Room – The white room has fully padded walls and a tiled floor. It contains an anatomical skeleton called Alan, a black Hydraulic dentist chair, vintage gyno chair, medical screen and trolley. Everything can be moved to create an empty padded cell.

· The Boudoir – Ornate cream wallpaper and Burgundy floor length drapes give the Boudoir a sumptuous feel. It’s home to a large black mahogany Chaise Longue, a matching black french dressing table ideal for shoots & as a make up area. There’s also a clothing rack and giant leopard print shoe chair.


Former home to Mistress Persephone, New York is a city is a place with fond memories for Mistress Persephone. Taking sessions at Mistress Ariana’s NYC Rubber Studio from the evening of March 15th until the evening of March 18th. The Rubber Studio boost’s a huge array of rubber –

· Rubber sleepsacks ranging from L – XXXL
· Rubber Cat suits ranging from Medium – XXXL
· inflatable body bags
· Various latex straight jackets
· Latex socks and gloves
· Inflatable and Non-inflatable hoods
· Latex leg binders
· Latex arm binders
· Vacuum suction bed

And also available are many electrical toy’s –

· Mega 6 Channel E-Stim Unit
· Folsom Electric PSG Max
· Violet Wand Kit
· Erostek ET-232
· Eros Tek Remote Power Unit ET-302R

For further information and session protocol please visit Mistress Persephone’s website – you will find a huge amount of info, photo’s and also video diaries.

  1. JOSU_BLACK says:

    pretty nails , face and smoth.
    Josu_black 😉

  2. balladeer says:

    Wonderful lady, Persephone! Very talented poet, too. I had no idea this blog was here.

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