A Real Life Amazon Lady

The stats may sound unbelievable but they are all accurate. A competitive body builder Towering over you at six foot eight in heels The Empress Amazon is a real life amazonian Lady.

It’s a rare opportunity to serve such a Lady and The Empress Amazon really loves to show you just how big and how very very strong she is!. Living in the Netherlands and competing on the female body building circuit with many accolades . The Empress Amazon is currently touring and may well be visiting a city near you! If you wish to make your Amazon fantasies a reality The Empress has the skill and of course the stats to make your dreams come true. Very few Ladies have such qualities maybe only Goddess Severa so it really is a chance in a lifetime. Apart from being 6’1 with 27 inch thighs, 15.5 inch biceps and weighing 200 lbs The Empress is also very beautiful and intelligent.

The Tour

The Empress does not tour very often and as you can imagine availability is very limited. Competitive or semi-competitive sessions are not available but fantasy wrestling, muscle worship, posing, wrestling holds/scissoring, foot and boot worship, spanking, ball-busting, domination and of course over-powering males are all available in session. Deposits may be required for bookings and information contact the Empress via e mail –


Photos courtesy of 


January is always the busiest time when it comes to joining a gym, with putting on a few extra pounds over the festive period or a new years resolution to get fit for the coming year.

Gym Slave

Mistress Dometria who originates from Cyprus although brought up in London’s East End, now based in Brighton and known for playing on quite a sadistic level with a personal preference for harsh and cruel torment. As you can tell from the pictures Mistress Dometria is no stranger to the gym herself. Dedicating a lot of time over recent years into body building/fitness to competition level, so with a true understanding and experience Dometia Gymwear clothing is engineered to suit the needs and comfort required during a work-out. The brand is distinctive and shouts attitude as you would expect from Dometria with that touch of ‘kink’ such are the slogans – ‘Gym Slave’ ‘Iron is my only master’ ‘Alpha Female’ etc and quality is assured as all items are handmade.


The dedication and hard work has paid off for Mistress Dometria competing in international events such as Hercules Olympia and stage performances which Incorporate her Domina alter ego – Dometria Domn.

The full range can be found at – IFStrongwear





Season of Goodwill

Christmas is a time for good will, spending time with your loved ones and of course giving. Whilst we all enjoyed the comfort of home, time away with those we care about or being waited on at a nice restaurant a Dominatrix from Hull England did quite the opposite!

Mistress Dita an established Dominatrix based in Yorkshire, operating her own fetish chamber also frequently tours nationally and internationally. Proud to be working in this industry with her business clearly advertised on her car. Mistress Dita gave up part of her Christmas day helping other volunteers hand out packed lunches to those less fortunate than ourselves – the homeless people in her home town. A cold and miserable day as you would expect for winter but it was no deterrent to Mistress Dita and not the first time in helping others. Last year donating several items to a charity auction for a child very ill with cancer, giving up a pair of very desirable Christian Louboutin shoes which are a prized possession of many ladies!


Love for Sale

Often found in the local paper and national papers, Mistress Dita has almost celebrity status with a recent interview with English actor Rupert Everett in his documentary ‘Love for Sale’ an insight to the adult industry televised on UK network Channel 4.




Mistress Troy

One of New York’s premiere Domina’s Mistress Troy will be visiting Atlanta Dungeon. With an impressive 19 years professional experience in the art of BDSM, owner of her own domain situated in the Upper East Side of Manhattan NYC which distinctively furnished with custom made equipment, an exceptional wardrobe ranging from the archetypal Domme look to the seductive retro lingerie! your taste will be catered for.

Mistress Troy is a very demanding Dominatrix with a sadistic nature and true passion for corporal punishment, very capable of taking you to the places you have yearned for and rendering you totally helpless is something that Mistress Troy takes great pleasure from. More than happy to hear your role-play ideas but keep in mind lengthy scripts will not be accepted so when making contact keep it concise and to the point. As expected from any professional Mistress limits are always respected. Further information can be found on Mistress Troy’s in-depth and very informative website, link at the bottom of this page.

January 11th & 12th 2016

Adopting a strict screening process which all prospective clients need to adhere to also Mistress Troy expects a 50% non refundable deposit on all sessions whilst in Atlanta. An introduction e mail is a must if you wish to be considered. Availability at the Atlanta Dungeon is on the 11th and 12th of January 2016 and you must book on or before the 5th of January and if you are unable to attend on this tour Mistress Troy will be visiting again in a few months time afterwards.


 Atlanta Dungeon

Available for sessions at the Atlanta Dungeon which is a base for professional independent dominatrices situated in upscale Buckhead, Atlanta Georgia with private shower/bathroom area and off street gated parking. Modern state of the art Dungeon play space with – Isolation room, Medical area with antique medical tables, Custom made metal dungeon furniture, kneeling cage, standing cages, CBT chair, custom stretching rack, standing stocks, rubber-covered bed, whipping crosses,  suspension system. And of course countless whips, floggers, canes, restraints and electric torture systems!







Scissor Foxes Live Event

Meet the Foxes…

Like the site? Want to get closer to the action ? or would you like to experience it?. A leading site in all things scissors –Scissor Foxes is now hosting a live event. Now is the chance to meet the models you have enjoyed watching on the site… and if you are feeling brave also experience some awesome scissors. Models attending are –

Miss Jasmine

Jenna Preston

Lady Shayne


More Foxes to be confirmed.

Scissor Foxes

March 18th 2015 Toronto Canada

If you’re a proud scissor fan you can sign a waiver allowing you to be shown on the site, likewise total discretion is also understood. This is chance to feel comfortable about your Kink and meet others with the same interest and of course be lost for words in the presence of the Scissor Fox you have dreamed of been scissored by… Hopefully this will be a first of many events taking Scissor Foxes to the next level bringing their fans closer and involving them in the action. Free entry for women and for everyone else its $50 a very good price for an evening of scissor fun, if you are new to the scene and looking for an introduction, this is a great way to do it and also if you want to see more from Scissor Foxes join their website all original material with movie clips and photo galleries, click the banner below to visit the site.

The Vinyl Solution!


The Vinyl Queen

Are you ready for the “Vinyl Solution”? a rare opportunity to serve Mistress Vinyl Queen in Pittsburgh. Visiting her good friend Mistress Irene Boss, both Ladies have a fantastic reputation. A reputation for understanding the submissive, creating the scene bringing your fantasies into reality from the intoxicating and playful to the supreme and sadistic!. Both are very capable of getting into your mind and taking you to that dark place you always dreamed of! A challenge to the hard-core yet sympathetic to the new…..

Vinyl Queen : ” I am one of the most interesting people you will ever meet. I am 100% sure of this ascertain. I have lived my life based on the road less traveled. It’s been an exciting journey. Those who have taken the time to get to know me, have been assailed with my tales of FemDom adventures, Lifestyle choices, and current dilemmas. I am an equal opportunity tormentor. When you’re ready to meet a San Francisco Dominatrix who understands your dark secrets, use your device of choice and contact me. Who needs another regret in their life?

I could write a list of interests here but you will find are for more comprehensive and graphic list of fetishes which Vinyl Queen enjoys, on her website. The Vinyl Queen will be at The Compound between the 13th and 15th of March 2015 advanced booking is advised to secure a session.

The Boss of the Compound…


Mistress Irene Boss!!

Mistress Irene Boss – A name that is respected worldwide. A whip-wielding Innovation who honed her skills at the legendary Other World Kingdom and won several awards along the way. A true Mistress with the experience and knowledge very few have…

Want to make it happen ?

You need to do your research thoroughly to ensure your compatibility. For a true understanding of female Domination you could not find a better team! whether your the seasoned player looking to be taken to whole new level, or finding your feet in The World of Kink and exploring your fetishes, needs and desires. Either way if its your first time at The Compound you will need to e mail an introduction to Mistress Irene Boss, details can be found on her website.

Vinyl Queen

Website of Mistress Vinyl Queen

Dom Boss

Website of Mistress Irene Boss


A Mistress who needs very little introduction, renowned disciplinarian and Dominatrix The Huntress AKA Cassie Hunter/Cassie Canes has announced a new tour schedule. Those of you who have never come across The Hunteress before, The Hunteress is based in Liverpool England although travels worldwide on a regular basis. Highly skilled in the art of corporal punishment with a reputation feared by many including the most masochisitic of submissives.  With such a reputation The Hunteress is in very big demand on the female domination circuit appearing on many websites.

New Images

With such demand The Hunteress tours on a regular basis, with both sessions and video/photo work and has recently visited Berlin Germany working with Sado-Ladies and also Femdom Foto creating some excellent movies and photo sets. A selection of these images are below –

Session Protocol…

The Hunteress adopts a very strict policy for session applicants. You will be required to fill out an online questionnaire answering several questions such as – your level of play, how often you session, how many Mistresses you have visited. The Hunteress also requires a reference from someone you have sessioned with and will verify your suitability. You may only submit one application – no duplicates and no ‘chasing up’ the progress of your application, failure to follow these rules will result in the termination of your submission. Of course if you are a genuine submissive seeking a Professional Domination service following these rules will not be an issue, due to the nature of sessions offered and the plethora of time wasters around you can understand. After a lengthy hiatus sessions have only resumed again this year and with a huge following The Hunteress is in a position to be very selective with whom she chooses to session with. Bare this in mind with your application and you need to be totally honest.

The Tour…

The Hunteress has announced she will be visiting the following cities, tribute prices can vary depending on the location and the type of session you require and of course a deposit is required. Further information can be found on the website.

  • Bristol UK December 10th – 11th
  • London UK December 14th – 23rd
  • London UK December 27th – 30th
  • Abu Dhabi & Dubai United Arab Emirates January 9th – 19th 2014
The Hunteress Website

The Hunteress Website

Legs On Show If you have a kink for long toned legs encased in stockings and pantyhose you will find no better example than the gorgeous legs of Linda Bareham of  “Legs On Show”. An estate agent based in Dorset England who realizes the affect her attributes have on men and uses them to her advantage. Linda has created a website dedicated to her amazing leg’s. Linda is quite an exhibitionist and you find many images of her in everyday situations from taking the train to shopping at the supermarket!  quite a sight if your lucky enough to be in the same place at the time.  Linda also has a huge fetish for super high heel shoes which make her endless leg’s look even longer!

In Linda’s own words…

“My name is Linda – I’m 42 years young and for all you leg lovers my vital measurements are 5′-10″ (1.778m) tall with exceptionally long (34″ inside leg) slim, slender legs with very shapely, defined calves and I’m very proud to mention that I’ve been featured in the hugely successful US based Legshow magazine. On top of this ‘literally’ I’m very proud to boast my fabulous 36′F’ bust which means that can enjoy a very shapely and well toned body ‘head to toe’. I live in the South of England and work as a property consultant, although as you will soon discover… my personal portfolio is far more interesting than simple bricks and mortar. For as long as I can recall, I’ve always adored fabulously sexy fashions and styles that enhance my long legs and emphasis my ‘femininity’. I love the smart chic style, whether for work or for pleasure and thrive on the attentions that I receive from you fabulous fellas. Lingerie and hosiery are a priority on my shopping list and…. as my bank manager will testify…. I spend a small fortune on the finest fully fashioned stockings available. Over many years I’ve developed a wardrobe full of amazingly sexy underwear in every colour and sexy style imaginable and I strongly believe – good quality lingerie and hosiery should be seen and appreciated whether in public or in private…. and certainly not hidden away”. Linda Bareham

The Website…

Full membership is only $14.95 non recurring or $17.95 recurring for 30 days membership. Compared to many sites similar this is very good value. Linda also offers – “ I offer photo-experience opportunities with me as your personal model, custom-made photo sets, video clips, and regular webcam shows…. or perhaps you prefer to simply sit back and enjoy what I offer here on a week to week basis, I promise…. that whatever I offer – I offer it in abundance.”  This is quite a unique opportunity which you can’t find on many other sites if any! which goes to show how genuine Linda is and takes great enjoyment in what she does.


Lady Alex

Renowned Mistress and Disciplinarian – Lady Alex is now offering sessions in London. Lady Alex who is also known as Miss Cane is the UK’s most experienced Disciplinarian with a huge 21 years of experience!!. Based in Leeds England and now due to overwhelming demand Lady Alex is now offering sessions in London on a regular basis from a luxurious premises offering CP and a variety of other BDSM practices. Lady Alex has a no-nonsense approach when delivering Corporal Punishment and take’s a great amount of pride in her ‘art’,  describing herself as a “sadistic” and “intelligent” Dominatrix and Disciplinarian offering a service very few Mistresses can rival.


Naturally sadistic Lady Alex relishes the opportunity to play on the severe side and push your limits but also welcomes those who are new to the scene and are maybe not so masochistic. With such a wealth of experience Lady Alex has a true understanding of a submissive’s needs and tailors the session appropriately, of course a consultation before each session is a must and it is also advised to read her website thoroughly before making a booking. Sessions range from a 30 minute session for CP and 1 hour and longer for CP and BDSM activities, for news of the next availability in London please check Lady Alex’s website and Fetlife page.

With the success of two trips to London already the next is soon to be announced, whilst in London sessions offered are those incorporating –

  • Corporal Punishment
  • SpankingAlex02
  • OTK
  • Strapping
  • Tawseing
  • Paddling
  • Leg Slapping
  • Face Slapping
  • Caning
  • Slippering
  • Plimsoll
  • Hairbrush
  • Judicial Punishments – Only for those who have sessioned with Lady Alex before

Role Play –

  • Headmistress
  • Governess
  • Strict Aunt
  • Prison Officer
  • Lady Boss
  • Matron

You may e mail Lady Alex for further information and booking enquiries although appointments can only be made by telephone both of which can be found on the website –


The Ebony Princess…


Statuesque ebony princess – Mistress Kiana has plans to travel extensively worldwide and is also available for international out call for discerning clients. Based in London Mistress Kiana describes herself as – seductive, cruel and merciless by nature….. with a strong and toned physique Mistress Kiana is very much an epitome of a Goddess which is why Mistress is very sought after in Femdom productions for The English Mansion, and Femme Fatale Films to name a few. Mistress Kiana also produces her own clips which can be found on her clips for sale store which boasts around 335 clips! which will give you an idea of the types of play Mistress likes all clips are with previews.

Below are Mistress Kiana’s interests, also Mistress is open to suggestions you may contact her with your fantasies and ideas but of course Mistress always has the final say…

Body worship
Cock and ball torture
Corporal punishment (ambidextrous)
Face sitting
Financial slavery
Foot and boot worship
Nipple torture
Role play
Strap on
Tie and tease

Dates in the diary…

Mistress Kiana has already announced via her website confirmed travel plans to – 

  • Brussels – Belgium – Sessioning from Mistress Nina’s dungeon in Belgium on the 27th and 28th of February 2013. Double-Domme sessions are also available with Mistress Kiana’s good friend Mistress Nina.
  • Club Black Whip – A regular on the London fetish scene Mistress Kiana will be attending this event and is also the house Mistress, an evening devoted to Dominant black women, you may contact her if you wish to be part of her selective entourage.
  • Dubai – Mistress Kiana and Madame Caramel will be renting a luxury apartment in the city between the 28th March and the 8th April 2013 . Double-Domme sessions are also available. A Femdom gathering is planned for both submissives and Domina’s a deposit must be paid to secure your place, also Mistress Kiana requires the services of a driver and a butler during her stay – further details can be found via the website.